Help:Immunoprecipitations: A good Manual?Troubleshooting guide?

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Sun Aug 16 05:52:33 EST 1998

S. Findley wrote:
> Can someone recommend a book/guide/manual that has a thorough
> discussion and hopefully troubleshooting section on
> Immunoprecipitation? I am looking for a solid technical work with
> a good protocol, discussion of parameters, stringency etc, not just some
> minireview.
> Thanks
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Dear Seth,
take a look in Meth. in Enzymology, Vol. 73., Chapter 31 and 32 or in
Vol. 182, Chapter 52
In meth. in cell biology you will find a chapter concerning immuno
isolation.( I dont remember the volume)
Sigma and Transduction Lab. offer protocols via their homepages.
Hope this helped you

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