Northern trouble!

Namjin Chung nc1 at
Mon Aug 17 08:37:08 EST 1998

Dear netters,

I'm a novice in Northern blotting, and after trial-and-error, I think I 
am at the dead end without getting result.  The thing is that I preped 
total RNA, ran formaldehyde gel (2.2M formaldehyde both in gel and 
buffer), and transferred RNA to nylon membrane.  When I exposed my 
membrane, after hybridization, to phosphorimager and x-ray film, I saw 
generally high background and two ribosomal RNA bands as well as RNA size 
markers being white.  However, I could not detect any of the RNA that I 
wanted to see.  What would be wrong with this?  Your comments would be 


   Namjin Chung
   Program in Molecular Cancer Biology
   Dept. of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology
   Duke University Medical Center
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