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Namjin Chung nc1 at acpub.duke.edu
Tue Aug 18 16:23:29 EST 1998

When I looked for different protocols for Northern blotting, there were 
some disparities.  These are largely in 1) Gel and running buffers; and 
2) blotting buffers.

1) There were primarily three different recipes for gel and running 
buffers regarding the concentration of formaldehyde:
	a. 2.2M formaldehyde both in gel and running buffers;
	b. 2.2M formaldehyde in gel, but not in running buffers;
	c. 0.6M formaldehyde in gel,and 0.2M in running buffers.

2) SSC seemed to be popular as blotting buffer, but I could find from 1X 
to 10X SSC for blotting.

For these variations, there was no proper explanation.  Why there are so 
different protocols, and are they all working without problems?

Thanks for any comments about the above.


   Namjin Chung
   Program in Molecular Cancer Biology
   Dept. of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology
   Duke University Medical Center
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