EtBr disposal/all gone?

Shiao Wang Shiao.Wang at
Thu Aug 20 00:11:49 EST 1998

Is there an easy way to determine whether ethidium bromide has been
removed from a staining solution? Would adding a known amount of DNA and
looking for the absence of fluorescence enhancement work?

I'm trying to achieve consistent gel staining and yet minimize disposal
of  EtBr in liquid form. I'm thinking of going to K-Mart and getting a
filter holder and coffee pot, fill the filter with aquarium carbon and
pouring the gel staining solution through the filter to remove the EtBr
(which will be disposed of in a dry form in an incinerator). I'd like to
be sure: 1) that the filter is effective and 2) when the carbon becomes
exhausted. I know there are filters designed for EtBr removal but I
suspect that K-Mart's model will be less expensive.


Shiao Y. Wang
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Southern Mississippi

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