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> The delta sign usually represents a deletion mutant.  eg E. coli delta lac
> indicates that the bug has been deleted for at least part of the gene.  The
> numbers or gene letters represent exactly what has been deleted.  delta
> lacZYA means missing lacZ, lacY and lacA.
> For the example you gave, i would guess that you have a deletion of the
> 200th base in the his3 gene, and a deletion of the 901st nucleotide in the
> trp1 gene.  If I am wrong in this, I am sure some kind soul will carefully
> point this out ;-)

But of course....

The "300" and "901" do not refer to specific nucleotides but
are simply used to distinguish different mutants of the same
gene; eg. his3delta1 and his3delta300 are independent
deletion (hence "delta") mutants of the his3 (imidazoleglycerol-
phosphate dehydratase) gene.

For a list of common yeast auxotrophic markers check out the
page at SGD at Stanford;

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