deaerate or not deaerate

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> Does degasing of polyacrylamide belong to the group of totally magic and
> irrational procedures contaminating molecular biology ?
> Today, forced by the technical reasons, I tried for the first time to skip
> it and I added twice as much TEMED as usually (20 uL per 70 mL).  It
> resulted in an almost instant catastrophic polymerization :)
> So what is your opinion on degasing, after all rather troublesome a
> procedure ?

If you store your stock Acrylamide in the refrigerator than degasssing
generally is not needed because at colder temps the stock acrylamide is
not capable of hold much gas. (see Henry's Law)

If you use premade acrylamide( which is way safer than powder) then you
will have to degass because a gas additive is added that inhibits
polymerization of the stock solution.  I do not know what the
polymerization inhibitor is but it must be removed.


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