deaerate or not deaerate

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: Does degasing of polyacrylamide belong to the group of totally magic and
: irrational procedures contaminating molecular biology ?
: Today, forced by the technical reasons, I tried for the first time to skip
: it and I added twice as much TEMED as usually (20 uL per 70 mL).  It
: resulted in an almost instant catastrophic polymerization :)
: So what is your opinion on degasing, after all rather troublesome a
: procedure ?

I understood that O2 inhibits polymerization, therefore after you've had
the acrylamide a while it makes sense to degas.  However, I hardly ever
de-gassed, maybe I just used it too quickly, but the one or two times I
found that polymerization times were increasing (and the AMPS was < 1
month old) de-gassing did help, a little, for large sequencing gels.

When I was trying to get some really nice mini-protein gels, and wanted
wells formed all the way to the top of the gel, I allowed polymerization
to occur under N2.  Seemed to help, too.


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