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>Hi netters,
>i am working with BAC clones from a bean BAC library and i was wanting
>to generate end-probes. i have generated riboprobes using in vitro
>transcription. Others in the literature have generated end-probes by P
>and IPCR, and i have also tried this. most of the bands seen
>after hybridization of (what i think are) end-probes to digests of the
>parent BAC clones seem to be large (nearly 15-20 Kb). i also get multi
>Does anyone have experience with this or have pointers?
>kalavach at
When we started working with BACs a couple years ago we cloned ends for probes 
following the protocol described in the Woo et al. paper (NAR 22:4922-4931).  
More recently we have been generating end probes by direct sequencing of the 
BACs to get end sequence.  We then design primers (sometimes a step in from 
the end of the BAC is necessary to get a big enough sequence) and make probe by 
PCR.  Usually gel purify the probe and don't synthesize it hot.

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