deaerate or not deaerate

Bryan L. Ford at
Thu Aug 20 19:44:56 EST 1998

Richard P. Grant wrote:

> I understood that O2 inhibits polymerization, therefore after you've had
> the acrylamide a while it makes sense to degas.  However, I hardly ever
> de-gassed, maybe I just used it too quickly, but the one or two times I
> found that polymerization times were increasing (and the AMPS was < 1
> month old) de-gassing did help, a little, for large sequencing gels.
> When I was trying to get some really nice mini-protein gels, and wanted
> wells formed all the way to the top of the gel, I allowed polymerization
> to occur under N2.  Seemed to help, too.

One time I had to make a thick horizontal slab gel from acrylamide
rather than agarose. Had no luck if it was done in air, but when I
degassed and then did the whole thing under N2 it polymerized quite


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