Need company to make antibody from DNA clone

drdad at drdad at
Fri Aug 21 04:41:06 EST 1998


I was hoping someone has had experience or has heard of any company which
can take the DNA clone I have and express the protein and produce an
antibody for Western blotting.

The clone I have is a 400 bp partial open reading frame which is cloned in
the Qiagen Qiaexpress vector pQE-30.  I have sequenced the entire insert
and the 5' ligation site to verify that the insert is in frame with the
AUG start codon of the vector.  Although we have the Qiagen expressionist
kit, we have not tested the clone for expression.  We were hoping to have
a company do that for us.

Any suggestions??


Felix D. Guerrero
Kerrville, TX

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