New Plasmid Drawing Program!

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Fri Aug 21 07:56:00 EST 1998

In article <6ril4v$pfp$1 at>, rocket1 at (Richard Near) wrote:

> I too tried getting this program, but immediately stopped when it said that
> it required IE. If I understand correctly, one must be connected to their
> website in order to use their program (and to "prevent piracy"). It sounds
> like a bait and switch SPAM to coerce one to purchase their program. But
> I may have not correctly understood?
> Rick Near


I downloaded the program (I think it was the V.NTI 4.0 demo) several
months ago... via netscape.. I guess they've changed their site since

Anyway, I played with it for a bit (I don't recall having to be connected
to their site while using the program... maybe in the newer version??) and
I have to say that the program looked pretty good. I actually brought it
up at a lab meeting, I thought it had potential. I also haven't deleted
the demo from our computer... should we ever decide to be in the market
again. The problem was, and it's a biggy, is the price. I don't remember
offhand what the price quote was, but it was way more than most academic
labs are willing to pay... especially if they've already invested in other
products, say for example MacVector.

Anyway, no affiliation of course,and good luck,

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