Molecular Coproscopy

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Fri Aug 21 23:10:51 EST 1998

Have you tried using Chelex 100 from Bio-Rad?  It is a simple procedure.


Guy A. Hoelzer wrote in message ...
>In a recent issue of Science (vol. 281:402-406), Poinar et al. reported
>that use of a novel reagent (N-phenacylthiazolium) greatly improved the
>efficacy of DNA extraction from ancient dung samples.  I have been unable
>to find an email address for either Poinar or Paabo to ask about this
>reagent, so I would appreciate email addresses for either of them.  My
>question is whether this reagent improves DNA extraction from relatively
>fresh feces, as well.  It apparently breaks "cross-links between reducing
>sugars and amino groups", thus freeing the DNA; but the article does not
>discuss when these cross-links form.  I am also interested in whether this
>chemical is commercially available.
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