Trouble with SOLR Cells

Andrew Warkman awarkman at
Mon Aug 24 08:10:14 EST 1998

In article <see_sig-2408981303120001 at>, rgrant at wrote:
>Has anyone out here had experience with Stratagene's SOLR cells (E. coli)?
>We find (from some clones that we were given) that they're very clumpy
>after overnight growth, and although they pellet nicely enough, they do
>not resuspend very well when doing minipreps.

I believe that the SOLR cell are generally only used (at least in our lab) to 
rescue the phagmid (i.e. pBluescript) during the "in vivo excision" procedure 
of library screening. We routinely retransform our rescued phagmid into 
XL1-Blue MRF' cells (E. coli) due to the poor quality plasmid preps obtained 
with SOLR cells.

Andrew Warkman

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