Quantifying DNA by fluorometry

Linda Western western at cepheid.com
Wed Aug 26 15:21:06 EST 1998

We buy quantitated DNA fragments from GenSura Labs (Del Mar, CA; 
800-436-7872), Cat #QSK101.  They supply 3 tubes containing a 1000bp
fragment, a 500bp fragment, and a 200bp fragment each at 100ug/mL.  You
should choose the fragment length closest to the one you are amplifying or
attempting to quantitate.  We then set up a dilution of one of these
standards (100 ng down to 0.1ng) and use this as our standard curve.  Good

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Dr Randal W. Giroux <rgiroux at cgc.ca> wrote in article
<6s1li3$88p$1 at news1.mts.net>...
> We recently purchased a fluorometer to do DNA quantification.
> We have chosen Pico green as our dye.
> Once we assay our standards, what type of curve should we plot them
> to develop our standard curve.
> Is this a linear response, log, etc??
> Any direction is appreciated
> Randy Giroux
> rgiroux at cgc.ca

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