bacterial transformation

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Why not do a triparental mating?  You have two E. coli strains - one with
your binary and the other with a helper plasmid like pRK2013.  And the
third parent is your Agrobacterium strain.  Mix toothpick scoops of these
three parents (from plates) on a plate.  Let the mix have fun for about 10
h.  Resuspend the mat in a diluent, serially dilute and plate and you will
have your transconjugant Agro within the next few days. You have to use AB
minimal medium with the apt antibiotics for selecting the
transconjugants.  AB minimal will counterselect E. coli.

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> Hello,
> We are facing problems in tranforming Acetobacterium (a gram-positive
> bacterium). We tried the electroporation of the cells, but it did not
> work. We then tried to remove the cell wall by lysozyme digestion before
> electroporation, but it did not work. We are now thinking of partially
> digesting the cell wall.
> Any helpful suggestions or protocols!
> Thanks.

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