Postscript problems in printing acrobat files from Wiley Interscience

Alastair Hamilton ah8 at
Thu Aug 27 10:18:05 EST 1998

Have you tried printing one page at a time? - It's a bit of a cumbersome
way around the problem but I've found it works when there's a large print
queue on a networked printer.
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adobrovic at (Alex Dobrovic) wrote:

> I apologise if this is not entirely a methods problem but reading articles
> is part of science too.
> I am running a PowerPC G3/266 with an HP LaserJet 4000TN printer.
> I have been downloading pdf files from Wiley Interscience and they open as
> Acrobat documents but when I try to print them I get told that there is a
> postscript error.

I see this when the file is large and the printer does not have
enough memory (a frequent problem with our old LaserWriter).
When sent to a printer with more memory it prints just fine.
This seems to be more of a problem since the Adobe reader moved
from v2.x to v3.  I can't find a workaround so I'd be pleased
to hear of any (apart from buy a new printer).
Bernard P. Murray, PhD
Dept. Cell. Mol. Pharmacol., UCSF, San Francisco, USA

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