How do I pre-flash film for use with fluorography?

Johannes Winkler nospam_uzs01b at
Thu Aug 27 17:23:21 EST 1998

Hi Scott:

Pre-flashing/pre-sensitizing should give you improved sensitivity for
lower intensity signals as well as improving the linear range of your
This is especially important if you want to quantify the film images
using densitometry or if you have low signal strenghts. Otherwise, you
should get away without the hassle.
That said, Amersham sells a "pre-flashing unit", which seems to be a
more or less standard camera flash unit with an orange filter fitted to
reduce light intensity.
There is a more detailed description of the theories involved as well as
instructions in Amersham's Review 23 (Detection of Biomolecules by
Autoradiography ... by RA LAskey), they will send you a free copy.
Apart from Amplify, there's a protocol involving dehydrating your gels
first in DMSO, followed by soaking in PPO dissolved in DMSO and wahing
in water afterwards. I haven't compared it to other methods, but I can
send you the recipe.
Good luck,

sol at wrote:

>         I'm trying to use Amersham's, Amplify fluorography reagent.
> The instructions say I must pre-flash my film before exposing it to my
> gel.  How is this done?  Do I need special film?  I have Fuji RX x-ray
> film.  Thanks in advance for any info you may have.
> Scott Olenych

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