Postscript problems in printing acrobat files from Wiley Interscience

Johannes Winkler nospam_uzs01b at
Thu Aug 27 17:02:54 EST 1998

> I have been downloading pdf files from Wiley Interscience and they open as
> Acrobat documents but when I try to print them I get told that there is a
> postscript error.

In some cases (e.g. Lexmark Optra S series laser printers), the
postscript interpreter (in the printer itself) has problems with Acrobat
PDF ver. 3.x files (ver. 3 reportedly added new features to the PDF
format). We have been having problems printing PDF files to Optra S
1250/1650/SC1275 printers via various Postscript printer drivers. Using
a Laserjet/PCL (i.e. non-Postscript) driver, there are no problems ... 
Lexmark offered a firmware upgrade in these cases.
Note this might have to do something with wether there is a "real"
Postscript interpreter in your printer or some Postscript emulator (like
in the Lexmark printers). E.g. the same file prints fine on an Apple
LaserWriter Select ("real" postscript interpreter), but not on the
Lexmarks mentioned above. Just a guess ...


Johannes Winkler
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