How do I pre-flash film for use with fluorography?

Shiao Wang Shiao.Wang at
Thu Aug 27 17:30:26 EST 1998

>         I'm trying to use Amersham's, Amplify fluorography reagent.
> The instructions say I must pre-flash my film before exposing it to my
> gel.  How is this done?  Do I need special film?  I have Fuji RX x-ray
> film.  Thanks in advance for any info you may have.

Scott, I used a regular camera flash approximately 5 ft away from the
film. The one I used had a red button that allowed one to trip the flash
manually. The film I used was Kodak X-Omat. The film was help
perpendicular to the flash with a elephant clip tied to a ring stand.

Shiao Y. Wang
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Southern Mississippi

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