Which should be CIPed, 7K one or 3K one?

Gerd gerdn at ibg.uit.no
Wed Aug 26 01:57:00 EST 1998

> The reason why did I consider that one of the fragments should be CIPed is
> that I want to increasing the effiency of the ligation. 3k + 7k => 10k. It
> is said that the reaction is difficult. The product is too large, more, the
> fragments are blunt-ended and it is easier for they to re-circularized.

There is a chapter in Maniatis (Sambrock.,  et al) and probably also in
other common laboratory manuals, dealing with the problem of inter- /
intramolecular ligation. There you should be able to find out how to
increase the ligation efficiency, and it would also help you decide
which one to CIP.

Good luck.


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