Postscript problems with acrobat files on Macs-partial resolution

Alex Dobrovic adobrovic at
Sun Aug 30 20:00:56 EST 1998

I have got a partial resolution to this problem. Following Tom Chappells
email below, I looked for PS printer and found it on the Adobe site.

After following the instructions and installing it, all my pdf documents
print out.

There is still a problem with some text. Some fonts are changed. Presumably
there is some font substiution going on which is bearable when it is only
in the authors names but causes big problems in one article when the whole
text of the article is substituted and the columns of text now overlap.

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>Subject: Re: Postscript problems in printing acrobat files from Wiley
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>B. T. <B.T. at om.mars.eille> wrote:
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>> bpmurray*STUFFER* (Bernard P. Murray, PhD) wrote:
>> > > I apologise if this is not entirely a methods problem but reading
>> > > is part of science too.
>> > > I am running a PowerPC G3/266 with an HP LaserJet 4000TN printer.
>> > > I have been downloading pdf files from Wiley Interscience and they
>>open as
>> > > Acrobat documents but when I try to print them I get told that there
>>is a
>> > > postscript error.
>> >
>> > I see this when the file is large and the printer does not have
>> > enough memory (a frequent problem with our old LaserWriter).
>> > When sent to a printer with more memory it prints just fine.
>> > This seems to be more of a problem since the Adobe reader moved
>> > from v2.x to v3.  I can't find a workaround so I'd be pleased
>> > to hear of any (apart from buy a new printer).
>> >      Bernard
>> We have exactly the same problem. Any suggestion (apart from the too
>> obvious one) would be much appreciated.
>>   B.T.>There is a problem with using the Laserwriter 8 driver to print the
>pdf's that are generated by Cell, Science, Nature, etc. At least one of
>these journals has a special comment about it on the web page. I have
>found that everything I've downloaded can be printed using the PSPrinter
>driver instead. I just have desktop printers set up for using the 2
>different drivers for running my Laserprinter (Apple 630). They almost
>always fail with LW8 (if I forget to change to PSPrinter) with a
>Postscript error.
>I also just checked and Epson's StylusRIP driver for printing Postscript
>to their inkjet printers also fails with a Postscript error on a Cell

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