Lipfectamine fluorescent

Tam Anh Le leta at
Sun Aug 30 13:46:47 EST 1998

Hi all
    I've just started using lipofectamine from Gibco (life technologies) to
transfect mouse Rho0 cells, however in the initial experiments I used a
pGreen plasmid (  which codes a for a fluorescent protein). I found in the
control of Rho0 cells and lipofectamine only that fluorescent activity was
quiet intense in comparison to my autofluorescent control ( ie Rho0 cells
only). My question  is that although the intensity of the combination of
pGreen plasmid with lipofectamine was higher than all controls :
 1. has anyone notice the same thing with this particular transfecting
2.  is there a way of eliminating this problem of fluorescent caused by the

-with regards
Tam Anh Le
Clinical Neuroscience
St Vincent Hospital Melbourne.

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