Precast sequencing gels

John T Jones jjones at
Mon Aug 31 02:49:49 EST 1998

Hello Laura,

We have just started using the Novex Quick point gels (for differential
display and
AFLPs). Resolution is good, run time very very fast and I think they are
quite a bit
less expensive than the larger disposable gels. No affiliations etc.


Laura Moen wrote:

> Hi  -
>    I am interested in hearing from folks out there who have used precast
> sequencing gels.  Specifically, did you think the expense was worth it
> in terms of time saving and convenience?  Also, has anyone used these
> gels for differential display?  Did you find that running more gels
> (fewer wells in precast) as opposed to pouring your own worked as well
> or better?  Thanks for the info.  Send replies to mdr at

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