Antibody against golgi

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Mon Aug 31 13:00:20 EST 1998


If you happen to be working with rat cells, we sell a monoclonal
anti-Mannosidase II marker for Golgi.

(new from BAbCO: monoclonal antibodies against SNAP-25, synaptophysin,
synatobrevin and syntaxin)
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Ulrike Böer <uboeer at> wrote in message 35EA6E35.5A69 at
>Can anybody recommand an antibody for detection of the golgi apparatus
>(for ex. anti-beta galactosyltransferase) which is suitable for Western
>blot analysis? I want to detect the fractions of a nycodence gradient by
>western blot with antibodys for specific enzymes.
>Please let me know when you have experiences in that field.
>thanks in advance, Ulrike
>Ulrike Boeer
>Dept. of Biochemistry
>Georg-August-University, Goettingen, Germany
>Email: uboeer at
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