GFP susceptible to Tx 100

David Tucker David.Tucker at
Wed Dec 2 02:38:23 EST 1998

Marcel Tanudji wrote:
> Hi all,
> does anybody know if GFP is sensitive to TX-100. I wish to make cell
> lysate from my transformed cells. Normally (if i'm not wrong) they use TX
> 100 to break the cell open.
> Does anyone tried this with GFP transformed cells and does the GFP still
> fluoreseced?

Hi marcel;

I'm pretty sure GFP still fluoresces after a TX100 extraction, but it's
pretty easy to check. Just bust open some cells and have a peek under a
fluorescent miscroscope (it works!). 

In fact, I have heard anecdotal evidence that GFP is stable in 1%
SDS...but i could be wrong.

good luck!


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