HiFi PCR /TritonX100

Roland Hübner rhubner at gins.uia.ac.be
Tue Dec 1 15:40:56 EST 1998

In article <3663EBBF.DBCC56E1 at pitt.edu>, rdudley+ at pitt.edu wrote:

>  Markus Schneemann wrote:
... >8... snip...

>  Promega has a protocol for mixing Taq and Tfl (I think) on their web page.  I

 That should be Tli (aka Vent); Tfl is not proofreading (Thermus derived!)...

>You can't T/A clone these products--the  proofreading enzymes remove the
A-tail Taq leaves.

 But if Taq is major component you CAN clone these products (unless end of
against extendase activity of Taq!)... see latest Expressions for a Q & A
on cloning long
PCR products...

 Good luck,

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