cell clumps!!

Claire Fenech c.fenech at sghms.ac.uk
Tue Dec 1 09:44:42 EST 1998

> Hi all,
> i was wondering if anyone can get rid of cell clumping together after
> trypsining them of the tissue culture dish?
> I normally can get them of the tissue culture dish no problems but the
> cells still sticks to gether making them hard to count. is there a good
> way to get over this problem.
> thanks

If your cells are not too fragile you can resuspend them in fresh medium
(small amount 1,2 ml) and "triturate" them gently: sucking them up and down
a sterile, fire polished glass pasteur pipette. Keep the tip of the pipette
close to the bottom while you draw or expel the cells. This dissociate the
cell clumps.


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