anandamide etymon?

Steve Alexander Steve.Alexander at
Wed Dec 2 07:49:16 EST 1998

As you point out, the word anandamide is derived from the Sanskrit word
for bliss - "ananda", combined with the fact that it includes an amide
bond.  If you conduct Medline searches for either Rapahel Mechoulam or
Roger Pertwee, you should be able to find published confirmation of its'

> Dear Colleagues,
>         The neuro- and immunomodulatory fatty acid derivative,
> arachidonylethanolamine, is also trivially known as "ananandamide". Could
> anybody tell me what the etymology of the word "anandamide", as applied to
> this compound is? I have not been able to trace the original coinage so far,
> but have a nagging feeling that it has to do with the Sanskrit word
> "Anandam", meaning bliss or happiness (given the occurance of this comp. in
> Cannabis(?))
> Regards,
> Hiranya.


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