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Martin Offterdinger wrote:

> Hi
> We are looking for a protocol for oligo hybridization to give high
> yield of dsDNA. We want to subclone the resulting product and have
> phosphorylated oligos. What we dont have is a protocol for hybridizing
> them. I know it should involve heating above the Tm of the oligos and
> cooling down slowly, but what are the experimental details. Please let
> me know if you have done that successfully.
> thanks
> martin
> Martin Offterdinger
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> University of Vienna
> Austria
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I have used the method described by Paul Hengel several times with much
success.  The message was posted in this newsgroup Mar 28, 1997 (I have
the printout), and the subject is "Primers annealing protocol".

Good luck!


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