quantitate gene expression - which method?

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> Hello all,
> I'm interested in quantitating the expression of a particular gene within
> rat heart after treatment with some hormones.  But I'm faced with several
> choices in regards to methods. Which one of the following is the best
> (and most believable) method and why?:
> 1) northern blot
> 2) RNase protection assay
> 3) RT-PCR
> 4) in situ hybridization
> Thanks for any input.
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The answer to your question depends on several factors.  I'm assuming you
want to measure RNA accumulation.  If the amount of RNA you get is not
limiting, then RNase protection is the method of choice.  If you have only a
tiny sample, then you might want to work with quantitative PCR.

Good Luck,

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