Drying SDS-PAGE gels

Bjørn Olav Kvamme Bjorn.Kvamme at mbi.uib.no
Thu Dec 3 04:57:52 EST 1998

i'm purifying and analysing several small proteins. One standard method
used is to run high percentage (25%) SDS-PAGE gels. The gels are
standard minigels runned in a BioRad Minigel system with standard
buffers and composition. This is working well, but the problem arises
when I tries to dry the gels using a BioRad Vacum Geldryer system (Model
583 Gel Dryer, http://www.bio-rad.com/55368.html). The gels cracks

Has anyone a suggestion to a procedure to eliminate this problem?
(Eg. a special equillibration buffer/solution before drying.)

Thanks in advance

Bjørn Olav Kvamme
Bjorn.Kvamme at mbi.uib.no

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