Agrobacterium Ti plasmid preparation

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Thu Dec 3 04:34:29 EST 1998

Nancy Terryn (nater at wrote:
: well I guess the title says it all. I am trying to get relative pure
: Agrobacterium Ti plasmid out of strain c58. I have tried the old Hirsh
: protocol from 1980, but with low succes. We have used pronase to get a
: better lysis of the cells, but it does not seem to help much. I also
: tried a protocol from MIT to purify large BAC clones, but that didn't
: work either. Any suggestions, references etc would be very wellcome...
: Thanks!

Take a look at,

   Li, X. Q., Stahl, R. and Brown, G. G. (1995) `Rapid micropreps and
   minipreps of Ti plasmids and binary vectors from Agrobacterium tumefaciens.'
   Transgenic Research, 4, 349-351.

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