vent and pwo (again)

Ke-Xue Huang khuang at BIOC.RICE.EDU
Thu Dec 3 22:06:59 EST 1998

1. Between pwo and pfu, pfu shows higher fidelty. pfu usually requires
double extension time.
2. Between vent and Taq, vent shows higher fidelty.  


On 3 Dec 1998, Jun Mark Zhang wrote:

> Thanks to all who answered my question about vent and pwo.
> In summary: 
> 1. pwo does not add 3'-A overhangs on PCR products. While I will further my question on this point: What is the difference between pwo and pfu?
> 2. about vent: someone tells me it adds 3'-A overhangs, while others tell me it doesn't. I am confused. My colleague used vent to amplified a fragement and cloned it into TA cloning vector (Invitrogen); that means it adds 3'-A overhangs. So, if this is the case, what is the difference between Taq and vent?
> Sorry for bothering you again; but your inputs are highly appreciated.
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