Drying SDS-PAGE gels

Brett Lindenbach brett at BORCIM.WUSTL.EDU
Sat Dec 5 11:49:38 EST 1998

>Ian A. York wrote:
>> When I did a desultory search a while back I didn't find any recipes for
>> tricine gels. Where can I find some?
>Try this:
>Dayhuff, T.J., R.F.Gesteland, J.F. Atkins. Electrophoresis, autoradiography
>and electroblotting of peptides: T4 gene 60 hopping (1992). Biotechniques
>13, 500-503.
>Also, I think that the book 'Short Protocols in Molecular Biology' (the
>little brother of the Big Red Binder) has a chapter about them.
>My one peseta worth.
 I have used the Schagger and von Jagow method in Anal Bioch V166, pp368-79

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