Baculovirus Expression Kits... Help!

Howard Davis hdavis at
Mon Dec 7 09:57:51 EST 1998

  I'm in the process of choosing a kit for the production of some viral
proteins using a baculovirus expression system. I've checked out the
systems available from several manufacturers (Novagen, Pharmingen,
Invitrogen, Quantum Biotech, Clontech and Gibco). The Pharmingen
BaculoGold system is attractive in that the lethal deletion in the
baculovirus DNA pumps up the level of recombinant virus to >90% (as per
the manufacturer). The Gibco Bac-to-Bac system, however, apparently lets
you screen for recombinants in E.Coli prior to transfecting the insect
cells to produce the virus.

Does anyone have any experience (positive or otherwise) with either of
these two systems (or any of the others)? By scanning the archives of
this group, it has become clear that plaque purification of your
putative recombinant is a must, despite the claims of the manufacturers,
but are there any other caveats for using these systems?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Howard Davis
Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences Technology

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