C.S. Wilding BGYCSW at leeds.ac.uk
Mon Dec 7 05:09:20 EST 1998

In article <3668471A.35F7 at Virginia.edu>,
   "R. John Lye" <rjl6n at Virginia.edu> wrote:
>C.S. Wilding wrote:
>> My questions are- is HindIII prone to not cutting certain
>> sequences for whatever reason? Is it perhaps "upset" by
>> residual PCR reaction components? (I have tried getting 
>> of these with the PEG ppt). Has anyone any other ideas?
>How close to the end of the PCR product is the Hind III
>site?  Hind III does not seem to like cutting very close
>to the end of linear fragments, in my experience.

Its about 220bp into an approx 800bp fragment so hopefully 
that's not the problem.
Thanks for the reply!

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