'harmless' PCR test

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>>Hi all,
>>I am looking for a 'fun' (for want of a better word) PCR test to introduce
>>people to molecular diagnostics. I checked out a physical performance gene
>>(in Nature earlier this year) but checking the references, it looks like a
>>particular genotype from this particular assay is a cardiac risk marker!
>>Scratch that one.
>>I would be grateful if anyone could suggest a harmless candidate gene and
>>the appropriate reference for primer sequences.....
>How about a householdgene like beta-2 microglobin. It works all the time and
>is easy to perform.
>Good luck
>Brenda Hendriks

For this assay to be of interest to a genetics class, the gene in question
would need to be polymorphic.  There are no defined polymorphisms in the
human beta-2 microglobulin sequence.

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