notice of cloning problem

John Richard Seavitt jrseavit at
Thu Dec 10 01:12:25 EST 1998

On Wed, 9 Dec 1998, Bernard P. Murray, PhD wrote:

> But they do (at least for some enzymes).  Check out the NEB catalogue
> (eg. pages 258 and 259 in the '98/'99 catalogue) for data for many
> of the common enzymes.  There are quite a few that don't cut well
> with a 4 bp extension but can be pursuaded to perform a little letter
> with an extended incubation.

It's also been my experience that if the specific enzyme or overhang
length in question isn't in the catalog, they're often able to provide
additional information over the phone if you ask ... seems there's always
new info waiting for the next edition.


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