Sample jumping out of the well?

Tony Hodge tph at
Wed Dec 9 04:21:17 EST 1998


I had this experience once - very wierd till I remembered that I had
added Ethanol to my DNA but forgot to spin/dry/resuspend, did I feel a


Guy Hoelzer <hoelzer at> wrote:

> A student of mine just had a discouraging lab experience that I have seen
> before, but I do not have a good explanation.  When he loaded his samples
> into a gel, they jumped out of the wells and dispersed into the running
> buffer.  Why does this happen and how can it be prevented?  I suspect that
> there was ethanol remaining in the samples, because they were precipitated
> immediately prior to loading.  Of course, my student assures me that he
> rinsed with 70% EtOH and dried them thoroughly before disolving in TE and
> adding loading dye.  Another difference this time around was the use of
> TAE instead of TBE for electrophoresis.  Is TAE more dense than TBE? 
> Please send advice to me by email (hoelzer at
> Thanks,

Tony P Hodge
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