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In article <vw3jdBACTAc2Ewn3 at genesys.demon.co.uk>, "Dr. Duncan Clark"
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>  Hi Folks,
>  Has anyone any info. on a pUC12 derivative, pUC12N, modified at the lacZ
>  ATG to introduce an Nco I site and possibly other modifications. I have
>  a plasmid from years ago with an insert that I now need and I can't PCR
>  it with universal (-40) and reverse (-48) primers. Looking at pUC12
>  those primer sites should still exist but I get no PCR of the 2kb insert
>  (which is definitely in there according to RE digests). I have a
>  reference for a J. Biotechnol., Vol 2, pp157-175 (1985) but I can't find
>  any trace of that journal in three university libraries tried to date. 
>  Duncan

 Dear Duncan,

 maybe one of those could help you further? Seems as of ccatgg is the only
official change...



 Best of luck,

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