why no 28S RNA?

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Ned Mantei wrote:

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> > Dear netters,
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> > I have made total RNAs from earthworm for many many times,
> > but only got 18S band on agarose gel, no 28S band at all. I
> > could get 28S and 18S RNAs with other materials such as fish
> > egges and chiken liver. It doesn't like being digested by
> > RNase, because the 18S band was very sharp and small band
> > down the gel was not much .
> There are some species in which at least one of the rRNAs has a
> single-stranded break. Could it be that earthworm RNA is like this, and
> that the products run together with the 18S RNA?

Several years ago, I remember reading a paper about several animals (worms
and some marine molluscs included) that do not have a 28S rRNA band
showing up on gels.  Apparently, the RNA is in two pieces that comigrates
with the 18S band.

One of the molluscs is Aplysia californica (seaslug).

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