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> Our 18 year old freezer just died this week.  We are in the market for a
> new NON-frost-free freezer (with attached 4 degree space) and have come
> across the problem that most, if not all, suppliers carry frost-free
> versions.  Does someone know of a brand or supplier who still makes
> NON-frost-free freezers??
> Philip Coffino

Dear Philip,

I read your question today about your search for Non-Frost Free Freezers. We
have been selling this type of freezer for  many years. We have available
upright freezers to 20 cu.ft. and Chest freezers to the same size. Plus we
also have available some 4.5 to 5.5 cu.ft. under-counter units, one with

Also available are some units that go up to 72 cu.ft., these however, are a
lot more expensive than what most labs want to spend. Fact is, most labs
purchase our 20 cu.ft. model, fits easily and has a five year warranty on the
compressor and a one year parts and labor warranty.

If you like some literature and prices I can snail mail them or fax them.

Best regards,

Larry Degenhart

Larry Degenhart               Midwest Scientific
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