Strip-EZ: experience anyone?

Fri Dec 11 16:25:39 EST 1998

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  "Bas Jansen" <bjhj at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Since I want to use some of my Northerns more than 3 times (ie want to strip
> them more than 3 times, which is usually the maximum in our lab) I'm
> considering using Strip-EZ from Ambion. Does anyone have experience with
> this kit? Thanks for your input!

I do, but I'm hardly impartial. StripEZ is much more impressive for RNA
probes (which are usually impossibly hard to remove from blots), but is still
better than the boiling SDS method for DNA probes.Hopefully you are using
positively charged nylon (genescreen Plus). You may also want to see the
literature on the website on Ultrahyb hyb buffer for DNA probes.

If you have any questions about either product, give David Brown a shout by
e-mail (dbrown at He's a good guy and loves to chat.


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