effect of pH on RNases

Fri Dec 11 16:38:03 EST 1998

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> Could anyone tell me if there is an optimum solution pH where RNases in
> general are least active (due to charge, solubility, etc...).  Or if pH
> does not have a drastic effect, is there a certain pH where the proteins
> would be less likely to pass through membranes of intact cells?  (Hence,
> theoretically preserving the RNA inside from a nuclease rich exterior).  Of
> course in this case the RNA would need to stay inside.
> Hope I haven't made the question too vague ... It's Friday afternoon.  :-)

Not too vague Bill. Wonder what's on your mind? In any case, RNase is pretty
active in all but drastic pH conditions. RNA on the other hand is more stable
at lower than neutral pH, in the presence of chelators of divalent cations.
IE, in sodiun citrate at pH 5.2

Hope this helps (but not too much).

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