How to make double stranded oligonucletide probe

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Mon Dec 14 22:45:10 EST 1998

Dear Long, You can try using various commercially available s/w's for the
purpose. If needed I can send you a list of softwares that you can try for
designing probes for hybribidization. Ravi Gupta

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> Hi, Everybody:
> I am going to do band shifting or gel retardation assay. I know I need
> double stranded oligonucletides (about 30mers) as the probe. Is there anyone
> who can tell me which method is the simplest way of making it, I mean make
> the oligos itself not labeling . Can I just order two complimentary single
> stranded oligos (it's easy for me to have that) and mix them to get  double
> stranded ones, or cut a segment from plasmid ( the sequence that contains
> the segment of my interest has been already cloned)?  I'd appreciate it very
> much if you can answer my question and provide me with any further hints
> concerning band shifting assay.
> Long

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