Electrocompetent cells-HELP

John R. McQuiston zje8 at cdc.gov
Wed Dec 16 16:28:16 EST 1998

Are you sure you have DH10B and there is no lysogenic phage in it that's going 
lytic?  That's my guess.


In article <367815ED.D4FF5CFF at usp.br>, benys at usp.br says...
>Hi all,
>   I've prepared DH10B competent cells for electroporation.
>Surprisingly, during the incubation following the electroporation the
>cells lysed! The lysis was not caused by the electric shock, but by the
>incubation at 37 C. I've tested several sources of medium  (LB) and all
>caaused lysis of the cells. Does anyone have an idea about what's going
>                                   Thanks in advance,
>                                                                Beny

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