Blunt end ligation problem

Brett Lindenbach brett at BORCIM.WUSTL.EDU
Wed Dec 16 13:26:29 EST 1998

Richard Grant wrote:
>In article <758jik$mk5 at>, iayork at (Ian A. York)
>> When I had my tiny epiphany and started following the directions, CIP
>> suddenly started working just fine for me.
>Heh.  To clarify, I've never found that it doesn't work, it's the getting
>rid of it to which I object.

Seems to me like you'd be getting rid of CIP during agarose electrophoresis.
I do this all the time - no heat, no phenol, just CIP the vector and run the
reaction on a gel, and I haven't had a problem with CIP'd ends in years.

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