Endotoxin Sensitive Cell Lines

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>      Hello,
>         I am looking for Mammalian Cell lines that exhibit inhibition to 
>      transfection in the presence of endotoxins, namely, E.coli cell wall 
>      Lipopolysaccharides.   I will be studying the transfection efficiency 
>      of plasmids with and without endotoxins.   Are there particular cell 
>      lines that you know of that are difficult to transfect?  Please E-mail 
>      me at <Scott_Basehore at Stratagene.com>. I will compile answers and post 
>      the results here. 


surely the problem with endotoxins is not that they inhibit transfection
per se, but rather that they kill the transfected cells, thereby reducing
apparent transfection efficiency?  So any cell line will exhibit this
effect if there's enough LPS knocking around?

So Stratagene is working on an endotoxin-free maxi-prep kit, now?  :) 
What are you using?

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