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> Dear netters,
> I am planning to generate a peptide antibody against
> a human cytosolic protein. From what I have heard
> it is largely luck whether or not you get a high quality
> antibody and success largely depends the number
> of animals you immunize and screen and whether
> you are lucky with the choice of your peptide(s).
> Initial plan was to try custom antibody production
> (with an all inclusive offer from companies like
> Eurogentech, peptide synthesis / and 2 rabbits).
> Now a labmate of mine talks me into just let the
> company make the peptide and immunize
> and screen animals myself. We have rats,
> but no rabbits and I do not know if it is OK
> to try antibody production in rats.
> What are your personal experiences with
> selfmade / custom antibodies.
> Any opinion or hint is welcome.
> Thanks
> Soenke Behrends
> Europe / Germany.

Have you checked the per diem costs of rabbits at your local animal facility?
With some of the prices of custom Ab production I've seen, it is almost
competitive with the cost of housing a couple of rabbits for a few weeks.
Plus, I don't how it works in Germany, but in many institutions in the USA
you have to apply for a "protocol number" with the institution's animal care
committee, and with all the bother, it's just as easy to have someone else do
it. I've never used a custom Ab production company, but in the past I have
made them myself, and the next time I need one made, I think I'll give the
custom Ab production a try.


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