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Fri Dec 18 13:38:54 EST 1998

> In article <367A72D2.5BD6 at chugaibio.com>, Dom Spinella wrote:
> >
> >How is that someone (even in Cuba) with access to the internet (as
> >evidenced by posting to this newsgroup) in searching for a firm called
> >BioRad (assuming they no never heard of the firm before -- scary in and
> >of itself for a molecular biologist) does not think even to try the
> >obvious URL:
> Perhaps because _the internet_ and _the Web_ are *not* at all the same 
> thing! Sheesh, take a chill pill and dump some of that condescension, 
> willya? Holiday spirit and all that. 
> Everyone was new to this once. Even yourself.

Yeah Susan, you're right -- a couple of folks e-mailed me directly for
dumping on the original posting. I guess I get a bit annoyed when this
forum is used to obtain to trivial information -- it implies to me that
the questioner is too lazy to look up the answers in the obvious places,
but is more than willing to waste the time of the User group.  (And yes
T.Z., I know that an e-mail address and URL are not the same -- as I
know the difference between the internet and the WWW -- but, like most
companies on the web, BioRad has an "E-mail us" section in their

Nevertheless, my apologies for the sarcasm in providing an answer to the
original question. I was out of line and I stand chastened. I don't
usually vent on the Bionet (and have even taken others to task for doing
the same). Just having a bad day I guess -- chalk it up to pre-holiday
stress...Sorry.  Happy holidays to all.
--Dom Spinella

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